The Layered Security Approach of Ludan Cyber Security

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Ludan Cyber Security, based on the extensive knowledge it has acquired over the years, has put together a layered security methodology, which it applies.

The layering principle is intended to prevent the intrusion of malicious activities into the network and prevent intrusions that are already present in the system.

Installation of Firewall and SafePath systems at critical locations in order to separate networks and the control system from various segments. This way, intrusion into one network segment does not enable exposure of other segments in the network and of other networks in the organization.

The second security layer is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). The system monitors the control system for any abnormal activity in devices or in the network and alerts the designated parties whenever such activity is detected.

The third security layer is an antivirus installed on dedicated servers and workstations in the control network to prevent viruses. An antivirus server that is central and dedicated for the network will take care of automatically deploying the latest updates to all endpoints.

The fourth security layer is endpoint hardening for devices (such as switches, servers, and workstations) in the control network. Hardening of devices prevents end users from causing vulnerability and the exposure to security breaches as a result of connecting external devices, whether accidentally or intentionally.

This hardening process includes sending endpoint syslog data to a central Syslog Collector server.

Syslog Collector – a server that monitors endpoint event logs, helps detect erroneous activities when they occur, and helps act on them.

SIEM – serves as a central system that collects all syslogs, among other things, for the monitoring, analysis, and control of processes and events while identifying security breaches and responding to attacks occurring at various times.

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