As a result of multiple, frequent changes in the cyber security field: The proliferation of cyber attacks and the multitude of regulations, depending on the organization’s field of activities, as well as changes and improvements in regulations as a result of periodic updates, have led organizations big and small purport to protect their assets and the information under their responsibility to reorient themselves on this subject.

In principle, the organization can set up a security operations center (SOC), responsible for detecting and containing cyber incidents in real time.
LudanTech realizes that organizations do not always have the necessary resources to maintain a cyber security system that can deal with growing threats, thus it has set up a monitoring and control management system that aims to manage cyber attacks on the entire organization and its operational activities in particular. The service includes a professional response team who identify and manage the events in real time while generating comprehensive reports on the events, all with recommendations for improvements and preparing for what’s to come.
Our vast knowledge and experience in the industry and the IT and OT worlds, allows us to deal with sophisticated and complex security events in any of these environments.

As part of the service, the organization’s needs are met, such as:

  • Monitoring and identifying suspicious cyber activities
  • Providing reports on the handling of specific events
  • Periodic reporting in accordance with the organization’s requirements, summarizing the activity
  • Use of state-of-the-art cyber security tools in order to provide optimal protection to the service recipient.

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