The firewall is an element characterized by the ability to monitor and block unwanted connections into the communications network or a single computer. 

This element is often an important part of a computer network security scheme, in conjunction with anti-virus systems and other security products. These systems may be implemented as computer software or as dedicated hardware.
As part of its information security solutions, LudanTech also provides a firewall in accordance with the architectural needs of the communications network, from leading manufacturers in the market.
Some of the leading firewall manufacturers have expanded and launched products specific to the industrial environment and geared to the needs of the OT network.

Features of these products:

  • OT Segmentation
  • Enforcement of network traffic with ICS/SCADA information
  • Prevention of SCADA threats
  • Resistance to a harsh working environment (electromagnetic induction, radiation, etc.)
  • Compliance with the most stringent industry standards for communication devices and electronic equipment

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