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The Layered Security Approach of Ludan Cyber Security

Ludan Cyber Security, based on the extensive knowledge it has acquired over the years, has put together a layered security methodology, which it applies. The layering principle is intended to prevent the intrusion of malicious activities into the network and prevent...

The period of the last few months is characterized by economic instability and many markets have been entering stagnation and/or broad contraction. With coronavirus raging in the background, the business world and various industries are experiencing a deep recession, a sharp decline in the volumes of consumption and the economy.

With more than 90% of professionals claiming that the number of attacks is rising, the information and data of organizations is critical and information on information security performance is no less important; this should be taken seriously.

A recent survey conducted by one of the largest associations in the field of information security, among thousands of information security experts from a variety of industries, presents interesting findings on how the organizations are coping.

The professionals were asked about topics such as: trends in the number of cyber-attacks, the types of attackers, and the staffing of positions in the field.

  • More than 50% think their organization will experience a cyberattack in the coming year.
  • More than 60% claim that there is a lack of reporting of cyber-attacks in general.
  • More than 40% claim that although there is legislation on reporting obligation, there is still a lack of reporting of cyber-attacks.
  • It was also found that there is a correlation among those who reported a rise in cyber-attacks this year, where 38% of them indicated that staffing an information security position takes six months or more, and 42% indicated they were unable to staff the position at all.

The survey’s results regarding human resources are particularly concerning, with more than 60% of respondents indicated a great shortage in the staffing of information security positions in the organizations.

The survey only highlights the fact that organizations are more exposed than ever and, unless they pay attention to this as quickly as possible, they might be damaged in a way that could lead to ceasing their operation.

Ludan Cyber Security – The Cyber Security Division for the Industrial World (OT) at LudanTech of the Ludan Group.

Ludan Cyber Security has over 30 years of experience in the field of engineering and industrial networks that are at the center of the company’s activity, and over a decade of experience in providing cyber security solutions for technological operations systems.

Ludan Cyber Security provides a full services package, including consulting, implementation, intrusion detection, network visibility, and NERC report generation services.

As the survey has also shown, organizations do not always have the resources needed to manage a cyber security system that can deal with the ever-growing threats.

In addition to the services package specified above, Ludan Cyber Security has set up a monitoring and control management system that aims to manage, for the customer, cyber-attacks on the entire organization and on its operational activities in particular.

This service includes a professional response team that detects and manages the events in real time, while generating full reports on the events, with recommendations for improvements and preparation for what is to come.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the industry and in the IT and OT worlds allows us to address sophisticated and complex security events in any of these environments.


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