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LudanTech understands the need to meet regulatory requirements addressing information entering the organization from different sources, such as portable storage media, email messages, secure browsing and a variety of different channels, that must be introduced into the organization. Since the amount of information that the organization receives is very large, the need for a fast, 100% secure direct disarming service for the operating network (OT) remains unmet.

LudanTech has developed a product that combines physical separation and thorough examination of the transmitted information, while adhering to the regulator’s requirements for analysis and handling of the transmitted information.
The system performs the following processes in accordance with regulatory guidelines, in order to prevent the introduction of material that can damage the organization’s computers:

  • Inspect files with at least 5 types of anti-virus that are on the list of leading anti-virus engines on the market
  • Inspect, identify and handle file types in accordance with the company’s information policy
  • Convert file formats according to the different file types in order to disarm malicious content.
  • Identify and remove structured content, such as built-in code, meta-data, and keywords
  • Signature authentication, file decryption and encryption
  • Identify the structure of the information in the files in accordance with the company’s policy.

In addition to the extraordinarily extensive capabilities of the file disarming solution, in line with existing ones on the market, the system’s tasks are carried out using fast scans while processing information in parallel and creating an automated process, free from human intervention, throughout. These capabilities enable the organization to speed up the transfer of information between networks and provide quick response to the organization’s growing needs. Saving time – The disarming process results in increased efficiency and financial savings for the organization.



The content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) solution is unique and allows files to be continuously transferred and disarmed between the networks. The presence of the file disarming solution between two diodes constitutes a reliable physical DMZ buffer that hermetically prevents tracing and penetration of malicious agents.

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