Cybridge is a family of Secure Content Filters infrastructure solutions. It enables the connectivity of various networks with different levels of classification and information security policies. Each of Cybridge’s products is marketed as an appliance, which allows plug N play installation and an easy implementation for the connection of the networks.The Cybridge products contain hardware that includes designated physical machines (two or three machinesdepends on the implementation) connected by two unidirectional connectivity (deployed on hardware) all packed as an appliance. The core of the solution is the different filters that been developed for different types of data (as described on the table). The filters themselves run on isolated harden physical machine. Each product was designed to deal with Advance Persistent Threats (APT’s) and it contains high end secure process to insure that any malicious code that adversary tried to transmit between the networks is either sanitized or blocked.

Cybridge provides to the network security administrator or SOC (Security Operation Center) managers the ability to monitor, filter and defend internal networks or server farms against cyberterror attacks.

• Any-to-any transformation – input
files in one format and output files in
a different format
• Multiple data formats – the types of
data formats that can be processed
are practically unlimited
• Affordable and scalable – cost
effective and modular system, begin
with one component and add more
components as the need arises
• A field tested security solution
Cybridge File Validation
Files Filtering & Sanitization
Provides policy based filtering to eliminate suspicious and undesired
• Content dependent data packet analysis ansd validation capabilities.
• Policy is configurable such that the input format could be converted to a
different output format after successfully passing validation.
Cybridge Transaction Guard
Transaction base process
• Provides policy based filtering and XSD validation for transaction base
Process like Databases sync, MQ’s and any XML files.
• Flexible user interface for security scheme definition.
Cybridge Real Time V2
Real time protocol filtering
• Allow to secure real time protocols.
• The filter is Rebuilding the session according to the security policy.
• Seamless Connectivity Proxy In order to achieve bi-directional
functionality, it would be necessary to install two (2) Cybridge appliances.
Cybridge’s Architecture
Cybridge File Validation/Transaction Guard unidirectional
Cybridge File Validation/Transaction Guard offline
Cybridge Real Time V2
Cybridge’s unique features
• Single standard appliance
• Physical and Logical Industry standard UDP sub-layer
• One Way No Feedback attack possibility
• Protocol Structure Validation
• Data Scheme Validation
• Packet Cryptographic Signature
• Secure Violations Notification & Logs