SafePath enables one way data transfer from a secured network to an unsecured network with no existence of any input path via hardware, thus preventing any destructive incoming data coming in the opposite direction.
SafePath Features
Data streams protocols:

  • TCP/IP
  • UDP
    File transfer:
  • Any network drive
  • Local storage
  • OPC protocol

Complete logging for all operations
Fully upgradeable for both application, licensing, and OS.

High Performance throughput – tested for up to 950Mb/sec
Internal computing power can reduce the cost of 2 servers
Direct interface to PI systems (by OSISoft)
Linux based solution – security and stability

Critical National Infrastructure Sensitive facilities such as nuclear power plants, power stations, national dams.
Oil & Gas Transmission and distribution
Electric Power Stations Refineries and gas lines
Transportation Control & Navigation systems infrastructure
Chemical & Pharmaceutical process control systems
Goverment & HLS (Home Land Security ) Sensitive data infrastructures; border control Social Security & Health
Financial institutions Banks and Stock exchanges