Aperio – Critical Systems Resilience
APERIO Systems protects critical infrastructure (power plants, water and waste control, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, transportation, pharma, and food & beverage) from the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.
APERIO Systems provides critical control systems with a last line of defense against both internal and external cyber threats and malicious actors. Using statistical physics and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, APERIO Systems’ proprietary Data Forgery ProtectionTM (DFP) technology detects operational data forgery attempts and reconstruct the true state of industrial control systems in real time without disruption to business

APERIO Systems offers:

  • Process Continuity: Aperio Systems enables trust in mission-critical data to maximize resilience and minimize downtime. Unlike traditional solutions, APERIO Systems not only detects attacks, but also pinpoints malicious data manipulation and affected equipment.
  • Operational Alerts: Aperio Systems provides fast, actionable, specific and accurate alerts – integrating cybersecurity into operational emergency procedures, and allowing operators to mitigate damage before it happens
  • Accurate and Relevant: Unlike anomaly detection solutions, which generate alerts when expected patterns don’t reconcile, Aperio Systems Data Forgery Protection alerts are only generated when a reported process state does not reflect reality.
  • Minimized Risk: Passive and non-intrusive. Aperio Systems has minimal operational risks, rapid installation and low maintenance cost
    Counters Insider Threats: Protects the plant’s process continuity from both external and internal actors (Many breaches begin from the inside).

  • Non- intrusive, easy and safe to deploy
  • Extremely low false alerts rate
  • Accurate and actionable alerts
    Recovers the ground truth and restores resilience
  • Proactive 0-day attack detection – catches most advanced attacks before severe damage is caused
  • Last line of defense catches both insider and external attackers
    Enables service continuity in face of attack