Claroty: See Know Secure

Claroty: See Know Secure

Claroty is a cyber security platform, purpose-built for protecting OT networks from advanced threat actors. Claroty continuously monitors the network and alerts critical and anomalous behavior, enabling immediate response to malicious presence and activity.

Claroty passively connects to the OT network SPAN ports and employs a unique Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology that parses all the network traffic, providing the enterprise security personnel with  extreme visibility into the OT network’s internals. This extreme visibility applies to both the serial and Ethernet portions of the OT networks, covering all the commonly used communication protocols.


Claroty Security Lifecycle

Proactive Protection

Claroty’s monitoring covers the OT network from remote I\Os, fieldbus devices and PLC DLRs, to OT\IT and OT\Internet interfaces. Claroty’s DPI technology delivers full network topology, unveiling hidden attack surfaces such as unattained IT\OT intersections and unmonitored third party access points. Claroty, enables OT network stakeholders to maintain secure architecture and access policies to its network.

Incident Response

Cyberattacks on OT networks typically leverage legitimate operational commands rather than malware. A standard PLC governs numerous OT processes. Claroty’s real-time alerts enable the control room team to immediately associate the alert with the affected process and apply the required resolving procedures.

Forensic Investigation

Following immediate remediation steps, Claroty provides full context of the attempted malicious activities enabling the security and control room staff to identify the attack’s root causes and impacts, including a detailed timeline of the pre-alert events and reproduction of loaded code.



  • Know and track exactly how assets across your OT network are configured, communicating and changing    
  • Discover hidden and potentially problematic issues across all layers of your OT network 
  • Proactively fix problems to reduce risk, maintain process integrity and enhance resiliency
  • Rapidly detect and respond to malicious activities or other activity that could harm operational processes